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BLS features in Bristol Post oldest thriving companies in Bristol

Excerpt from the article: How Bristol’s oldest companies are still thriving after more than 100 years in business They include the city’s last-surviving chocolate maker a wine merchant and a tannery. Why do some companies struggle to survive beyond a year while others flourish for hundreds? Although more than 90 per cent of small companies in Britain will survive one … more

The President’s Charity of the Year 2017/18

                      Please see Freewheelers Leaflet 2017 for the fabulous work these volunteer riders undertake to assist the NHS in moving vital supplies and equipment  around the county. Who knows which one of us or someone we know may have already benefited from their amazing work?

BLS Member discount offer on GCHQ certified Social Engineering Course – 8 August

Red Goat Cyber Security are offering Bristol Law Society members a 15% discount on their upcoming GCHQ certified Social Engineering course at Imperial College on the 8th of August. This interactive half-day cyber security course helps you identify and prevent social engineering attacks such as phishing and impersonation by placing you in the position of the hackers to enable you … more

Bristol SWLST 2018 Walk Report

Bristol legal profession unites to walk for justice for all!
The Bristol legal profession has again come together to raise much needed funds to help support ‘justice for all’.

Teams from a wide range of law firms, chambers and judges took part in a 10K sponsored walk to support the provision of legal fees and advice to help people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. So far the event has raised nearly £7,000, a little down on previous years.

St Paul’s Advice Centre, Avon & Bristol Law Centre, Bar Pro Bono Unit and Bristol PSU also joined in the walk to help raise money.

The Access to Justice Foundation, which champions and helps the poorest and most vulnerable people in local communities across England, Wales and Scotland arranged the walk with the South West Legal Support Trust which started outside Bristol Combined Court Centre and finished at the Cosy Club on Corn Street.

Laura Cassidy, Fundraising and Development Manager, from the South West Legal Support Trust (SWLST) which was formed in 2010, said, “We are pleased with the support we have yet again received from the legal sector across Bristol.

“All the funds raised from the walk go directly to help people and charity organisations who desperately need help and access to legal services”

The South West Legal Support Trust is one of a national network of Legal Support Trusts, working with the Access to Justice Foundation, to facilitate the access to specialist legal advice for the poorest and most vulnerable people in the community.

The organisations supported by the event make a huge difference in the lives of many people. The recent cuts to civil legal aid have not only affected the legal profession, but have also drastically impacted the services provided to members of the public.

Many advice services no longer have the tending to provide free legal services on issues of housing and employment, meaning individuals seeking help and support will either have to pay for advice or do the work themselves without any specialist help.

Meanwhile, the economic downturn has meant thousands more individuals and families are now unable to afford advice and turning to free legal advice agencies for help.

The additional cuts to local government funding of advice services are fighting to survive. Some organisations have merged, meaning already tight resources are being stretched over greater distances, but more frequently, others have ceased to provide services altogether.

The South West Legal Support Trust is determined to make next year’s event bigger and better than ever, if you would be interested in helping out by joining the fundraising committee they would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Clare Carter at