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Notice of AGM, 20 November 2018

The Council and Executive of Bristol Law Society would like to invite all members of Bristol Law Society to the 148th Annual General Meeting to be held at 12 Colston Avenue BS1 4ST on 20 November 2018. We are pleased to attach a formal Notice of AGM for the purposes of conducting the business as set out in the attached … more

BLS features in Bristol Post oldest thriving companies in Bristol

Excerpt from the article: How Bristol’s oldest companies are still thriving after more than 100 years in business They include the city’s last-surviving chocolate maker a wine merchant and a tannery. Why do some companies struggle to survive beyond a year while others flourish for hundreds? Although more than 90 per cent of small companies in Britain will survive one … more

BLS Member discount offer on GCHQ certified Social Engineering Course – 8 August

Red Goat Cyber Security are offering Bristol Law Society members a 15% discount on their upcoming GCHQ certified Social Engineering course at Imperial College on the 8th of August. This interactive half-day cyber security course helps you identify and prevent social engineering attacks such as phishing and impersonation by placing you in the position of the hackers to enable you … more

DUAL I.D Fraud Policy launched providing cover for firms in event of fraudulent house sale

DUAL Asset Underwriting Launches DUAL Asset I.D. Fraud Policy, Providing

Comprehensive Cover For Legal Firms In The Event Of A Fraudulent House Sale

DUAL Asset responds to Law Society & Land Registry demands for greater protection, safeguarding legal firms and their clients

Date October 2018: DUAL Asset Underwriting announced today that it has launched its DUAL Asset I.D. Fraud policy, providing consumers with comprehensive cover, in the event of a fraudulent house sale.

The DUAL Asset I.D. Fraud policy protects consumers for fraud, forgery or impersonation by a third party purporting to be the seller, buyer or owner of a property.

Sellers, buyers, property owners and their mortgage lenders are also covered by the DUAL Asset I.D. Fraud policy should the purchase money be misappropriated and they do not become the owner of the property, or have an enforceable mortgage over it.

The Land Registry recently reported that people had lost £58M over the last decade to fraud, however the problem is getting worse, and fast. In 2013 fraud losses were £7.2M, by 2017 fraud losses were £24.9M in the year. Land Registry is doing a good job, and since 2009 it has prevented 254 attempted frauds on property worth £117M.

The DUAL Asset I.D. Fraud policy will compensate loss to the (innocent) buyer, seller, owner or mortgage lender, without the need for them to pursue claims through their solicitor or their solicitor’s Professional Insurance Indemnity (PII) insurer.

Phillip Oldcorn, Chief Underwriting Office said “The DUAL Asset I.D. Fraud policy has been launched in response to troubling Law Society & Land Registry reports about the amount of I.D. fraud, that is hurting consumers, losses of the type recently litigated in high profile fraud cases such as Dreamvar and P&P.

Property fraud is on the rise and fraudsters are constantly finding new ways to exploit the housing market. If you are unlucky enough to be targeted, consumers are best served with a combination of high quality legal services and transactional “no-fault” insurance, that can pick up the pieces, immediately, when things inevitably go wrong. Professional fraudsters will not be stopped by existing risk mitigation techniques’.