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Got a gathering coming up? Fancy offering your guests an unusual cocktail. Craig Umpleby, founder of Ginfete, gives BLS members his own suggestion for a seasonal drink.

The second month of the year is always a great one; the madness of Christmas has come and gone and we’re getting back to normality. By now new gifts have found a place in our homes, the last remaining christmas tree needles have gone as have the few extra pounds we accumulated over the festive period. There are a few things left knocking around the house, perhaps you received a customary piece of tat which hasn’t quite found a place in your life, perhaps you have a freezer full of food after misjudging your guests appetite or perhaps you brought a bottle of Sherry for Granny who can’t drink like she used to leaving this bottle gathering dust at the back of your liquor cabinet… What to do?

Well, truth be told Sherry wasn’t always a drink for those of retirement age, back in the 1800’s it was quite the party starter especially in the form of a cheeky libation known as the Sherry Cobbler.

The Cobbler was a style of drink which flourished in the late half of the 19th century, a simple combination of fruit, sweetener and spirit or wine, originally Sherry.

There is little hesitation over what Sherry to use in this version of the Cobbler, after all I am writing this in a very hilly land of multi colored houses, graffiti and a rather spectacular bridge. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the Sherry Cobbler:

Harvey’s Bristol Cream – 75ml
Lemon Wedges (cut in to 1/8th) – 2
Orange Wedge (1/8th) – 1
Fresh Pineapple Juice – 25ml

Squeeze all fruit in to a shaker, add Sherry and juice, shake and pour in to a tumbler, finish with berries of the season.

The Sherry Cobbler is unsurprisingly heavy on those sweet slightly warming spice notes of the Bristol Cream, the citrus does a fantastic job at cutting through the sweetness turning this slightly sickly fortified into a cheeky, low alcoholic, easy sipping libation.

Soon enough the Bristol cream will be gone, swiftly imbibed in vintage style, you may even be inclined to get another bottle… just in case Granny pops in, of course.