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BLS Annual Awards Dinner 3rd November 2022

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Legal Life is now a monthly e-zine and although BLS was founded in 1770, it was not until 1975 that the first monthly newsletter was published. Typed and mimeographed, the newsletter ran to 5 pages and is a wonderful window onto the life of the profession back in those days.

Chief concern in the local profession was the impact of the new Capital Transfer Tax would have on existing Wills, and local practitioners were advised to contact all clients about potential problems with their Wills. The Bristol Court was also installing a pay phone in the Solicitors’ room – there were no mobile phones of course.

In a forerunner of the DX system, BLS set up postal boxes in the Commercial Rooms for each firm to use and save on postage costs. It was intended that this system of boxes could be extended to other professionals.

BLS also hosted an informal monthly lunch to which practitioners were invited at the Old Vic Theatre Royal. A definite sign of the times. And the BLS Summer Party for 1975 was advertised at the cost of £3.90 and to be held in the Assembly Rooms in Bath.