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This series of articles about Knowledge basics has so far looked at:

  • what knowledge is and how it is managed in law firms [here];
  • when databases are useful and when other forms of connecting people to share knowledge are more valuable [here]; and
  • how to improve the engagement of fee earners in knowledge systems [here].

This month’s article is an opportunity to reflect on what has been covered so far, with the chance to win some advice for your firm.

1. Which of these problems is least easy to tackle with Knowledge Management strategies?

a) knowledge leakage when people leave your firm
b) “reinventing the wheel”
c) getting new fee earners up to speed with house-style and precedents
d) fee earners who don’t meet their financial targets


2. What has been described as “a fluid mix of framed experience, values, contextual information and expert insight”
a) Data
b) Information
c) Knowledge
d) Wisdom

3.  “We know more than we can ___ we can ___ more than we can write down” David Snowden, Cognitive Edge
a) Say
b) Share
c) Compute
d) Input

4. Which of these would fit least well in a Knowledge database?

a) Forms
b) Workflows
c) Contact details
d) Discussions and advice based on experience/judgment

5. Which of these is not a technique for improving engagement in knowledge-sharing (at least not one recommended in The Knowledge Part 3)?

a) Catch them young
b) Focus on the user
c) Keep calm and eat cake
d) Focus on the snipers

Answers to questions 1-5 are below.

If you want to win a £100 credit against any TKB product or service [details here], simply e-mail with the answer to the following question:

6. Match the best tool/technique with the “knowledge” that it is trying to manage:

a) Japanese talk room i) experiences and knowledge best illustrated via stories
b) database
c) supervision and/or mentoring ii)  standard letter and workflow/checklist
d) precedent library/file


The competition ends at midnight on Tuesday 31st July 2012.

The first e-mail with the correct answers drawn at random on 1st August 2012 will win £100 credit against any TKB product. See website for full rules, terms and conditions.


Author Profile

After more than a decade as a solicitor specialising in dispute resolution litigation at Beachcroft LLP and Bevan Brittan LLP, and six years in know-how, both in-house and as a consultant, Hélène Russell of The Knowledge Business is passionate about improving the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of all law firms, large and small, through knowledge management strategies.

Get in help with your Knowledge systems from as little as £500, order your copy of “Knowledge Management Handbook” here, or telephone 07548 912 779 for a chat.



1d 2c 3a 4d 5c