A4ID and LawWorks join together to expand pro bono impact banner

A4ID and LawWorks join together to expand pro bono impact

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Yasmin Batliwala, CEO of A4ID and Rebecca Wilkinson, CEO of LawWorks, said: “Over the past year, the Board of Trustees from A4ID and LawWorks have been discussing a potential merger between the two charities. We are delighted to announce that LawWorks and A4ID have agreed to merge forming a single organisation. We hope to complete the merger by mid-summer.

“This merger, bringing together two leading charities in the sector offering essential legal support, will result in a more robust, adaptable and streamlined organisation, better equipped to address the growing demand we face.

“The merged entity will, amongst other things, be a combined brokerage for the provision of domestic and international pro bono legal assistance for individuals, NGOs and community-based organisations.

“The merger will bring many positive changes benefitting us all and our shared commitment to the pro bono sector and our drive to make a difference will remain at the forefront of our endeavours, enabling us to achieve even more.”

ENDS 10 May 2024