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Erin Sawyer and Edd Thompson Elected as New BLS Co -Presidents 2022/23

Erin Sawyer and Edd Thompson were elected President of Bristol Law Society at the 151st AGM held at 12 Colston Avenue on Tuesday 16th November 2021.


The members of Bristol Law Society elect a President and two Vice Presidents annually at the AGM in November. This year in a progressive move to reflect that both Erin and Edd will have very young family responsibilities over the coming year, the decision was taken to share the role and responsibilities. The President’s role is to represent the Society and the Bristol legal sector and to manage Council and Executive in implementing the policies of Bristol Law Society during the year.

The new Officers team is pictured below with newcomers Rachel Fisher and Stuart Henry joining the Officer roles:

L-R Coralie McKeivor, Hon Sec; Stuart Henry, Junior Vice President; Edd Thompson, Co-President; Erin Sawyer, Co-President; Ben Holt, Immediate Past President; Rachel Fisher, Treasurer

You can find our full list of Council members and Representatives here