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Annecto Legal Continue Sponsorship with Bristol Law Society

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Annecto Legal and Bristol Law Society are delighted to announce they have renewed their relationship for the sixth year running.

Through Bristol Law Society, Annecto Legal has various engagement opportunities that allow for a meaningful connection with Bristol Law Society members, enhancing value to them.

These engagement opportunities include access to networking events, speaking at relevant seminars, such as their annual dispute resolution conference, offering webinars to their members, and articles in the monthly newsletter in addition to a table at the Annual Bristol Law Society Awards Dinner.

This year Annecto Legal have been invited to present an award at the dinner for:


“Awarded to a firm (or a collaboration of law firms) that has shown a notable CE/CSR/Responsible Business commitment to supporting causes or projects in the region. Regard will be had to championing those who can demonstrate a meaningful and sustainable impact on their chosen cause/ communities”.

Who are Annecto Legal?

Annecto Legal helps businesses realise the value of their commercial litigation claims through commercial litigation funding and insurance, such as ATE insurance and third party funding.

Many businesses are missing opportunities to remedy disputes because they feel the pursuit of justice is too expensive. Annecto Legal was established to help businesses pursue claims and remove any perceived cost barrier to litigation.

A claim for financial damages can be regarded as an asset. It is possible to realise the value of this contingent asset using alternative funding methods, third party litigation financing and litigation insurance.

By shifting the risk off the balance sheet, businesses can recover what they are entitled to, without putting even more of their own money at risk.

Annecto Legal provides solicitors with free help and guidance around retainer options, third party funding and legal expenses/ after the event insurance, to help lawyers:

  • meet their professional obligations to clients;
  • use the best available funding option for any case;
  • ensure that cash flow is maintained, rather than just growing WIP;
  • generate new business by actively promoting risk management tools to clients.

As well as one-to-one assistance, Annecto Legal can also give access to the most appropriate funding and insurance products for commercial disputes.

The team at Annecto Legal are happy to take enquiries and provide guidance across all aspects of law firm litigation funding arrangements and insurance for commercial dispute resolution. We encourage solicitors to explore all options with clients, rather than allow strong cases to fall away or under-settle due to lack of funds.