BLS launches Legal Client Journey project with Insight6 banner

BLS launches Legal Client Journey project with Insight6

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Be a part of the Bristol and Bath Legal Client Journey Project. By doing so you will:

  • Learn how phone, online and live chat enquiries are handled by your team
  • Identify how well the benefits of your firm are sold to potential clients
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your firm's processes and procedures

The SRA continues to be very focused on transparency and the importance of consumer review sites and getting it right at the point of enquiry not only serves to increase conversion rates but can also prevent a poor public review from a disgruntled enquirer.

Insight6 are offering BLS members CX Reviews (mystery shops) to measure and comment on the way in which the firm handles new enquiries through their phone and website. The aim is to get as many firms on board as possible which will allow a good number to benchmark against across the city region/ competitors.

With this data, Insight6 will develop the Bristol Law Society Professional Client Journey Report, which can be shared with all members.  Firms can choose the practice area to benchmark and the number of calls in order to participate.

For more information watch this short explanatory video from Jonathan Winchester, CEO. Full details and how to register can also be found via the webpage hosting the video link.