Charity urges solicitors to take part in research to better support needs of the profession. banner

Charity urges solicitors to take part in research to better support needs of the profession.

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  • New research questionnaire launched by The Solicitors’ Charity
  • Plea for solicitors to have their say in what the profession needs
  • Interviews with charity CEO, Nick Gallagher available on request

‘Solicitors, help us to help you’ – that's the plea from The Solicitors’ Charity as it launches a research questionnaire, the latest stage in its strategy research project, to find out how it can deliver even more, positive impact to the legal profession.

Solicitors across England and Wales are urged to take part to help the charity tailor their services to meet the changing needs of the profession.

The confidential online questionnaire asks solicitors to share their insights and opinions to shape the way the charity works and the support it offers to legal professionals in times of need.

The Solicitors’ Charity CEO Nick Gallagher explained: “This is a really important piece of research for us as we want to continue making a real positive difference to the lives of solicitors in the future.

“We want to hear about their challenges and how they’re responding to them. Whether it's finding the right balance between work and personal life, managing the demands of their practice, or simply making ends meet, we want to know what people think.

“Solicitors play a vital role in society, representing the interests of their clients and helping to provide access to justice. We understand that being a solicitor also comes with its own demands and so we want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to support solicitors when times get tough for them.

“By participating in our research, solicitors will help the charity to identify areas where they need to provide more support and resources.”

Since 1858, The Solicitors’ Charity has provided help to solicitors in need or crisis. The charity helps to ease solicitors’ practical, emotional and financial difficulties brought about by challenges such as job loss, low income, debt, bereavement, and mental and physical health issues.

In addition to direct help, it also works with partners including LawCare, the mental wellbeing charity, The Solicitor’s Assistance Scheme, for employment and regulatory advice, and Renovo, for career counselling, to provide confidential support for solicitors.

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Notes to editors:

CEO, Nick Gallagher is available for an interview on request.

The Solicitors’ Charity has been supporting solicitors in times of need or crisis since 1858.

When times are hard, we provide practical, emotional and financial support to help people get back on track. We aim to make a permanent and positive impact on the lives of the people that we help. We may have been known by a few different names in our history (The Solicitors’ Benevolent Association and SBA being the most recent) but our purpose has never changed.

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