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Climate Change: The New Frontier of Real Estate Due Diligence – Whitepaper

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Climate Change: The New Frontier of Real Estate Due Diligence - Whitepaper

Welcome to one of the most critical conversations we will ever have

Earlier this year, Landmark Information Group joined the Pledge to Net Zero initiative and committed to meeting science-based targets that align with the Paris Agreement, aimed at accelerating a transition to a net-zero carbon economy. As the first property data business in the UK to join the initiative, we were driven not only by the existential imperative we must all surely feel to manage climate change, but also by our own deep understanding of the role that the property industry – as a whole ecosystem – can and must play.

No country, industry or person will be untouched by the effects of climate change. When we zone in on property, particularly through our own lens of sector data and insights, we can see how the role of climate change reporting is set to take on even greater importance in the years to come. It is clear that we have reached a critical point where, as an industry we must ask: are we measuring the right things, in the right way, at the right time?

As a provider and partner to all parts of the property industry, Landmark has always sought to unify and connect data and participants. When it comes to climate change reporting, the new frontier of real estate due diligence, we are even more motivated to bring together the parties that can and will make a difference.

Our white paper, Climate Change Reports: The New Frontier of Real Estate Due Diligence, marks the start of that. We are immensely grateful to the pan-industry expert contributors who have lent their wisdom, insights and candid perspectives on this topic, and are heartened to note that even in a complex and fragmented industry such as property risk and property data, there is a common understanding of the challenges and of the task ahead – and a shared energy with which we should best approach it.

In this executive summary, we highlight some of the key takeaways from the white paper in what I hope you will find a thought-provoking quick read. Climate change is a reality that demands a series of immediate and concerted responses. If you have been considering where your own organisation might start to respond to both the wider threat of climate change, and to the inherent risks faced by our businesses and clients, this is an incredibly good place to start.

Simon Brown, October 2022

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