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Many cases these days have an international element but the cost of appointing expert witnesses from more than one jurisdiction can often be disproportionate.

In an effort to solve this problem, Milsted Langdon partner, Roger Isaacs has founded the MGI Worldwide Global Forensic Group .

By collaborating with other MGI member firms it is possible for one UK expert to take the lead and to rely on factual (non-opinion) evidence from accountants in other jurisdictions, typically focussing on tax and accounting issues.

Critically MGI gives access to forensic specialists and other accountants with relevant local expertise, all of whom have been found to meet exacting quality standards and who speak English.

The International Forensic Group focuses on:
• Cross Border Divorces;
• International Fraud; and
• International Arbitration.

Its recent work has included the provision of expert accountancy evidence for the defence team in relation to allegations by the UK Serious Fraud Office of a $100 million “Boiler Room Fraud”, tracing funds through the UK, US, Croatia, Hong Kong, Dutch Antilles, Holland and Switzerland.

The group has also been instructed to advise on an international property portfolio in the UK and Cyprus, and a commercial dispute between a US holding company and its UK subsidiary, as well as criminal confiscation proceedings involving assets in the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Nigeria and the Isle of Man.