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Hays: 5 ways to embrace neurodiversity in the workplace

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No two minds are alike.

An often-overlooked dimension of diversity, neurodiversity is an all-encompassing term for the natural variations to individual brain function that occur among the wider population. Viewing these differences through a neurodiversity lens helps us to understand how they are in fact strengths, not just at work but in all aspects of life. It means being open to different ways of working, different ways of collaborating, and thus different ways of reaching a desired outcome.

Neurodivergent individuals might typically be diagnosed with a condition like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism or dyslexia, among many others. They may approach a variety of things in a different way to the ‘norm’, whether that’s moving, thinking, reading, interacting or processing information. It can shape the way they see and understand the world; it’s for this reason that many people see their neurodiversity as a crucial part of their identity. In fact, research has suggested that neurodivergent individuals are a powerful asset to many organisations, increasing productivity by up to 30% and unlocking diversity of thought, innovation and creativity among teams.

It’s vital that employers take steps to design a workplace that not only accommodates people with diverse thinking patterns, but recognises the value these differences bring.

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