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Hays: How You Can Be More Confidently LGBTQ+ Inclusive

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Inclusivity in the workplace isn’t just important, it’s imperative

Download our infographic today, which explores how you can be more confidently LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Creating an inclusive workplace environment can be the difference between your teams feeling they can show up as their whole selves, contributing fully, without fear of reprisal, or a workforce that feels unsafe to express new or different opinions, whose contributions may be subdued or softened in order to comply with the status quo.

An inclusive, people-centred workplace empowers its teams to embrace – and celebrate – their differences in age, gender, race, religion, how they identify – whatever these differences may be – for the diversity they bring to a business’s innovation and ultimately its growth.

As a progressive, people-centred organisation that always strives to do the right thing, here at Hays, we value what our people value. When it comes to conversations around gender identity and sexuality, we aim to be as inclusive and mindful as we can. In that vein, we’ve worked with our Hays networks to create this inclusivity starter-for-ten.