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Innovation on the agenda for Bristol law firms

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On Wednesday 15th May top law firms gathered in Bristol for our innovation workshop in association with Bristol Law Society (BLS).

The workshop was aimed at helping firms, wherever they are on their innovation journey, focusing on creating an approach that is meaningful and delivers real value.
The session covered:

  •  “What do you mean by innovation”? Defining the scope for your firm
  • Your journey so far - assessing your maturity level
  • Defining key areas for future focus
  • Simple steps to take – practical steps to take in delivering behavioural change

Tiggy Robinson, Partner at Nine Feet Tall said “The session was very enjoyable with lots of lively debate. Many of the ideas discussed will no doubt continue to be developed back at each firm. What was clear from the conversations was some of the biggest obstacles that firms are facing are: releasing time for teams to focus on thinking and working together differently; securing the right team to develop ideas; and trying to shift the culture to promote more open dialogue, collaboration and co-design with clients. We rounded off the session with practical tips on how to overcome the challenges of trying to deliver behavioural change.”

The workshop was the first in a series of events as part of a partnership with Bristol Law Society. Details about the next event and how to get involved coming soon.

For more information about innovation for law firms, please contact Tiggy Robinson