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John Moriarty elected as new President

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At the BLS AGM, held on 26th November, John Moriarty was elected as President following in the footsteps of Andrew Gregg as one of the handful of Presidents to hold office for a second time.

At the AGM, outgoing President Michael Gupwell spoke to the assembled audience about his time in office, giving especial thanks to Helen Read and Clair Ponting .

The meeting passed resolutions to alter the Objects, Memorandum and Articles of the Society.

Milsted Langdon was appointed as auditors.

Long-time friend, HHJ Marston was quoted as  saying:

The trend to ageing leaders continues, it's not just in China and the Labour Party you have to be 60 plus to lead.  In a brutal and swift coup the mysterious figure known only as " that old Irish bloke " seized control of the Bristol Law Society last week. After 2 days in office the new president said " to hell with this, I am off to Barbados " and he has not been seen since...!

Here are some photos from the AGM:-