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London – 20th April 2023 - Landmark Information Group has announced a Sustainability Pledge to lead the way in sustainability matters for the UK's land and property sector. As climate change affects everyone, we can clearly see that buyers, vendors, and businesses are seeking more in-depth guidance around the impact of climate change on their assets, liabilities, supply chain and wider business operations.

The Sustainability Pledge includes three far-reaching pillars of activity. They cover Landmark’s own commitment to sustainability, as well as offering guidance to law firms and wider property professionals on the potential impact of climate change, which has growing focus following the publication of the much-anticipated Law Society guidance on the topic.

The three pillars include:

  1. Net Zero: Landmark aims to be a net-zero emissions business by 2050. The company has published a white paper that explores how the property and real estate industry is working to build a better planet, and how it plans to support clients, partners, and the wider property industry to achieve their own net-zero transition.
  2. Improving ESG Metrics: Landmark is working to improve its own ESG metrics and is collaborating with supplier and customer networks to empower and improve their ESG performance. Drawing insights from over 50 of the world's most credible data sets via our unique Risk Horizon software, Landmark helps clients to make better, more robust ESG decisions.
  3. Climate Change Risk Management: Landmark offers a range of climate change-related products and services, including a desktop search for both residential and commercial properties that gives an overview of future risk, as well as in-depth advice and recommendations for managing current environmental risks at the property. Landmark's award-winning Climate Change Portfolio Assessment service enables mortgage lenders to understand the impact future climate risk may have on existing property back books, as well as new mortgage applications.

Chris Loaring, MD Landmark Information (Legal), said: "The property industry is realising that there is a compelling need for more sustainability data, better standards for presenting that data and ways to source trusted insights that are both meaningful and accessible. As the biggest and most trusted resource for land and property data in the UK, Landmark Information Group is committed to leading the way on sustainability matters in the UK's land and property sector.

We have a range of different products, advisory and consultancy services from Net Zero workshops, to ESG reports and services, through to climate change courses and training to help the property industry navigate the growing focus on sustainability”.

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Landmark are running a webinar on Thursday 4th May at 12pm to discuss The Law Society Guidance on climate change and what it means for solicitors. Find out more and register here: