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Professional and Financial Services – Data Access and ESG Innovation Lab Competition

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Innovate UK is promoting a significant funding opportunity for projects focussed on:

  1. Seeking to improve data access in at least one of Accountancy, Insurance, Legal and Financial services AND
    1. Seeking to improve ESG outcomes and/or reporting; or
    2. Addressing incentives, opportunities and ongoing business models to ensure a sustainable data access approach ; or
    3.  Considering broader, non-technical aspects of data access methods, including ethics, bias and privacy as well as any technical approaches (platforms, standards etc.

In order to be able to form a consortium and bid for this opportunity, the lead business/firm must have attended a free UKRI 3 day data innovation lab in October. Deadline for applications for that is 30 August.

Briefing slides and other information for your perusal, attached below.

Data Access Innovation Lab Competition Briefing

Guideline - Funding Percentages

"This is a significant opportunity both in the shape of beneficial attendance at a multidisciplinary data innovation lab for one of your team, but also to actually participate in the eventual bid for projects of up to £2M. There is nothing stopping teams to participate in the innovation lab but then not to become part of a bid" Dagmar Steffens, Head of Strategic Innovation WECA and Co-Chair of Bristol +Bath LegalTech (BBLT)

Firms serious about legal services innovation and ESG responsibilities should consider this opportunity.

Please feel free to pass this on to accountancy and financial services contacts who might be interested. Funded projects can also straddle legal across to the other disciplines, so you could work with your clients on this.


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