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Responding to claims issued via the Damages Claims Portal

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On 15th September 2022 the Civil Procedure Rules will be updated (final sign off dependant) to state that solicitors responding to claims for damages issued via the Damages Claims Portal (DCP) must respond using the DCP. This covers all claims that fall under Practice Direction 51ZB.

 The DCP currently supports claims where the response to the claim is 'reject all of the claim'. If other options are selected in the DCP when responding to a claim, the digital claim will drop out of the DCP and proceed via the paper route.

Claims issued in the DCP on or after 15th September 2022 must be responded to online.

Any paper responses filed at CCMCC will be returned unless an acceptable reason is given for not using the digital portal.

 Next steps:

  • If your firm is not registered with MyHMCTS then register now. New applications for registration are normally processed within 1-2 days, but this will be a busy period with new firms registering so the processing times may take longer. Make sure your firm is registered with MyHMCTS before the 15th September 2022.
  • Once registered check the list of new unallocated cases on your MyHMCTS dashboard regularly so that new cases are identified and allocated to a solicitor.
  • Watch the YouTube video, read the FAQs and read the Guidance (links under “Useful information” below.

Responding to claims using DCP will save your firm time and allow you to work more efficiently. Automatic emails will update you on the progress of claims and you will have the ability to allocate cases to litigators in your firm to cover periods of leave or support supervision. Your MyHMCTS dashboard will show you the latest activity on claims you’re managing, and your account administrator can create, manage and maintain your account.

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