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SRA – Firm Diversity Data Requirements – deadline 23 July 2023

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All regulated firms, regardless of size, have to collect, report and publish data about the diversity make-up of their workforce every two years.

Reporting your data in 2023

You can now report your diversity data to us. The deadline is 23 July 2023.

Before you report, you will need to organise the diversity data by the specified role categories. This is so you can input the data for each role category in turn.

We have made a change to the solicitor partner category this year. Therefore, you will need to report separately for full equity solicitor partners and salaried or partial equity solicitor partners.

We have also made a slight change to the wording of our question on parental occupation to align with Social Mobility Commission guidance.

If you need access to the data you reported to us in 2021 please contact us.

Please make sure you publish a summary of your firm's diversity data in a way that does not identify anyone. Read more in 'Publishing data'. We will be checking firms have complied with this regulatory requirement later this year.

How we will use the data

We may use the information we collect from firms in the following ways:

  • To update our law firm diversity tool so you can see the make-up of law firms across the sector.
  • To inform our publications or engagement with people as part of our work to promote diversity in the profession.
  • In our regulatory reform work to help us monitor the diversity impact of the changes we make.
  • To help us meet our public sector equality duty, for example monitoring our decision-making by protected characteristics.
  • To facilitate research and analysis by others.
  • To meet reporting requirements to the Legal Services Board or the Ministry of Justice.

We will make sure that no-one can be identified from any data that we publish or share with others.

Read more about privacy, data and information at the SRA.