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The Joint V Law Societies have written to the SRA expressing concern at the decision made by the SRA Board on 13 September 2022 to bring the post six-year arrangements in-house within the SRA. A copy of the letter dated 2 December is attached.

On behalf of the Joint V please see press comment

“The Joint V Law Societies (Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester) are concerned that the SRA has failed to consult on the options that it considered at its Board meeting on 13 September 2022 and that it may have made a hasty decision that could be regretted both by consumers and the profession alike. The Joint V has called upon the SRA to obtain more detailed information and costings on the proposed transfer from SIF to the SRA as well as upon the alternative proposal of a reconfigured SIF to operate at a lower expense level. We strongly encourage the SRA to reconsider its position so that a fully informed decision can be made”

See our letter to the SRA here