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Thrings hosts Bristol Law Society Conference

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Resolving legal disputes was the talking point at the Thrings offices this week as the firm hosted the latest conference for the Bristol Law Society.

Representatives from across the Bristol legal community were treated to a packed agenda at the event on Thursday, June 15, with talks on a range of topics from notable commercial dispute cases and preparing for mediation to costs and after the event (ATE) insurance as well as a demonstration of a mock-cross examination of an expert witness.

As a longstanding member of the Bristol Law Society, one of the oldest of its kind in the country dating back to 1770, Thrings actively supports the society’s innovative and collaborative approach to working within and outside the legal profession, including through hosting events.

(L-R) Helen Read, Nick Lee, Megan Jefferies

Megan Jefferies, Thrings Partner and member of the Bristol Law Society Council, said: “It was fantastic to host yet another Bristol Law Society event and for everyone to come so ready to engage. With dispute resolution such a fundamental part of practicing law, it was a great topic to bring everyone together for what was some very insightful discussion.”

Nicholas Lee, Managing Director for Paragon Costs and Conference Chair, added: “This really was the toolkit for litigation lawyers. The presentations were really engaging and informative, whilst also being entertaining and amusing. It was an absolute pleasure to Chair this conference and catch up with colleagues and friends.”

Helen Read, Chief Executive of the Bristol Law Society, said: “It is great to see the return of our face-to-face events with such a great turnout and we are very grateful to Thrings for hosting today’s conference. The symbiosis between the society and our members really helps to inspire creativity and collaboration in what we are able to offer and we are looking forward to running more successful events in the future.”


Chair, Nick Lee opened the Dispute Resolution Conference

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