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UWE: Equity Internships 2024

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Become a Mentor for the award-winning Equity Programme and help students with their career journey.

Equity is positive action programme at UWE Bristol aimed at strengthening the work being undertaken by the University to improve outcomes for Black, Asian and minority ethnic students; to increase students' sense of belonging, unlocking talent by instilling students with the confidence, skills, and networks to succeed in their chosen career and break through barriers they may face.

Mentoring is an invaluable opportunity to develop and broaden your personal skills whilst making a difference to an undergraduate student to achieve their full potential. Share your lived experience of working in the sector and guide students on how to navigate the application processes.

Feedback received from mentors on the programme this year:-
• 'Thanks for letting me take part, I've been very impressed at the organisation of it - both the preparatory materials and the steady (but not intrusive) level of checking in and support throughout'
• 'I would definitely mentor a student through this scheme again - it helps to keep me engaged in what's happening at that level, whilst also offering support to those in need'

The time frame for the mentoring is four hours between January and June 2024. The mentoring can take place at your offices, online or on Campus.

Take on an Equity intern and spot future talent
Equity 5-week fully funded summer internship. This initiative is for Equity Employer Partners who wish to continue to support our positive action work - our aim is for Equity student cohorts to graduate with good honours, and to improve their graduate outcomes. Recruit a current minoritised student to help them gain valuable work experience. The internship can be project work, an opportunity to develop a new initiative or improve a process and contain elements of mentoring and training.

To register as a mentor or take on an intern, email equity@uwe.ac.uk
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